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Revewz (RVZ) a Decentralized alternative to product reviews

Revewz is a platform for writing and reading reviews of products and services. It incentivizes users to write high-quality and honest reviews, and stores reviews on a blockchain. Brands can also respond to reviews by paying with a token.

Revewz (RVZ) a decentralized alternative to product reviews.

In may 2020, Google removed reviews made on it’s platform for TikTok. Earlier in 2021, we saw negative Robinhood reviews being removed by google. Centralization of feedback points such as reviews can be used to spin the narrative for what is “good” and “bad” for the user of any product or service.

The opinions of customers and users are the truest indicators of how a product, protocol or service actually functions. The review should be a function of how ‘useful’ it is to a new potential buyer or user and not a function of where the review is posted and who owns the rights to that review. We believe it’s the user who owns the rights to a review and should be incentivized to provide reviews which create the most value for future users or buyers.

With this idea in mind, we started to work on Revewz in summer of 2021. Revewz is a platform for anyone with a smartphone and internet to add a review of a product or service by uploading the receipt as a proof of purchase. In the future we’d like to expand this capability to users with a wallet history of using a blockchain based protocol.

The protocol curates valuable reviews by incentivizing moderators to form consensus on what is an honest review. A user can see a moderator score in front of each review which is a measure of legitimacy and honesty of any given review. For this the protocol rewards reviewers in incremental amounts for submitting reviews of higher quality. At the same time the moderators have to stake their RVZ tokens in order to become a moderator. Each moderator gets a higher APR of forming consensus with other moderators on the legitimacy and honesty of reviews. Anyone can become a moderator by staking and earning APR for securing the protocol, however, moderators who participate in consensus earn higher rewards.

On the other side of this equation are the brands who are the net buyers of the RVZ token. When a brand or a protocol wants to offer feedback on a comment for public consumption, the brand needs to pay the protocol in RVZ inorder to post a reply to any review.

All reviews are stored on the blockchain via IPFS and each owner can only log 1 review for using one product or service in order to avoid being spammed by bots.