A safe way to get into the Crypto by just writing reviews for products you use

Revewz offers a decentralized review system hosted on the Polygon blockchain that uses ERC20 tokens and NFTS to authenticate and validate product purchases and reviews made by consumers.

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Built on Polygon Matic

Polygon provides high speed and low cost for transactions as such our users can interact with Revewz easily

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Moderators are rewarded

Reviewers can stake their RVZ tokens and become Moderators. They earn RVZ for verifying reviews submitted to the blockchain

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How it works

Write a review about any product or service, attach the receipt and images to the review as needed, and submit on your Revewz app

Reviews by the consumer and for the consumer

Revewz gives you crypto coins for writing reviews about products you use daily. If you have always been curious about crypto but not sure how to get started without committing any money, this is your chance.

All you need is to write helpful reviews about products you use and get paid in crypto. You receive rvz coins by writing reviews and approving reviews

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Understanding RVZ tokenomics

The RVZ token rewards stakers with APY, but the rate decreases when over 34% of the tokens are staked. Moderators who falsify their claims can be penalized by having their staked tokens slashed.

Road Map

RVS tokens

Create and ship MVP that allows users to create reviews, get paid with RVZ tokens and ability to stake RVZ coins . Staking RVZ coins makes you eligible to become a Moderator . Moderators are randomly assigned revewz batches to validate . Validated reviews get payouts as well as moderators . Moderators get 40% of the payout to the reviewer [withdrawn out of the Revewz Treasury ] for the first Cycle.

Polygon Matic

Apply for Polygon Matic Grant

Product Launch

Product launch and Community Invitation

Launch Play Store

Product Launch in Google Play store


V2 migration: continuous earning of rewards when people find your reviews helpful. Ability to buy revewz from your wallet Non-moderator status staking with rewards


Possible Airdrop to active participants and users in our community

Launch App Store

Product Launch in Appstore


Revewz recommendation marketplace : Affiliate links to products and most reviewed positively. Companies buy revewz tokens to submit their links to products. Reviewers get paid when someone buys a product using the link.


NFTS of Reviews are created and users own fractional shares of the NFT. The more authentic the review becomes and more helpful people find it the more it value appreciates.


RevewzDAO incorporation for development, guidance and community involvement

Meet the Team

Core Active Team


CEO & Co-founder

Nathan Berhe


Board of Advisors


CFO & Co-founder